LocatED is committed to Social Responsibility and has a strategy that consists of three strands:


At its heart, LocatED is committed to helping build a brighter future. We are committed to and regularly engage with our communities and to support charities and causes that are relevant to our employees and to our work in education.

  • We have set up a Young Persons’ Programme in partnership with education and skills focused charities and trusts to provide internships and work experience at LocatED
  • Introduced ‘guardian’ schemes in appropriate vacant properties in our asset management portfolio during their holding periods, to make affordable living space available to the rental market
  • Actively encouraged the team to take on school governor roles and support Continued Professional Development and networking events using their expertise, skills and experience to give something back to the sector
  • YoungMinds has been selected as our corporate charity.  

Our charitable support is not just financial, each member of the LocatED team is given two paid days a year for volunteering work. Although restrictions associated with Covid-19 have added complexity and challenge volunteering in many ways, we have seen our team get involved in more creative ways to help others from their own homes. Take a look at one of our employees’ work knitting and crocheting Twiddlemuffs for dementia patients, along with baby blankets, hats, and cardigans, with Knit For Peace UK:


Other recent volunteer projects include:

  • Picking up litter with Keep Britain Tidy
  • Painting toilets in a primary school
  • Delivering meals to the vulnerable and to the elderly.


Since LocatED’s launch, it has built a culture of true meritocracy that results in a positive working environment and promotes success. To maintain this, we ensure that we:

  • Set out clear aims and articulate LocatED’s remit so everyone knows how they fit in and what they need to deliver
  • Encourage and facilitate a team-oriented environment where each person is motivated  by the company’s goals
  • Promote entrepreneurialism within robust  and clear financial controls
  • Are exemplary when it comes to open, honest and regular quality communications  and employee engagement, providing trust    and support to enable the team to meet challenging targets while enjoying and valuing  the work they do
  • Every employee has  a role to play in making LocatED a success and LocatED is committed to supporting each one of its employees
  • Facilitate a diverse and inclusive workplace in which all employees feel safe, valued, and respected
  • Lead by example to encourage all employees to maintain a positive balance between work and home life
  • Proactively support and facilitate valuable social interaction between individuals, teams      and as a whole company
  • Recognise the benefit of the natural osmosis that occurs when people are together at work but not necessarily working together
  • Reward and recognise achievement – seeking to coach, train, develop and promote based on merit and ability.

In addition, over the last six months LocatED has:

  • Been confirmed as a Disability Confident Employer
  • Joined Real Estate Balance 
  • Joined The 5% Club



We care about our environment and aim to reduce our energy consumption per capita and investigate greener ways of achieving our business objectives.   

Although we work across England, we run our business in such a way as to minimise travel miles. This includes deploying a sustainable travel plan supported by intelligent IT and PropTech, that significantly limits travel and fuel use.

In addition, we have a broader environmental approach, always looking for ways that maximise the use, productivity, and value of assets under management, to provide benefit to the communities’ the sites are located in.

Through the management of our asset portfolio, we are committed to:

  • Improving the efficiency of vacant sites where there is no immediate requirement for sites to be ‘active’
  • Achieving a 100% statutory compliant estate
  • Pro-actively managing third-party suppliers, agents, and partners to ensure adherence to agreed service levels and environmental policy.

We have also reduced our impact by cutting waste through office-based initiatives such as:

  • Recycling material waste and cutting material usage 
  • Energy efficient premises
  • Electricity/energy saving practices
  • Educating staff and promoting environmental initiatives in the workplace.

LocatED is committed to continue identifying and implementing enhanced strategies and initiatives that will drive efficiencies and lessen environmental impact going forwards.