Apprenticeships: Skills for Life

A property apprenticeship is a great way to ‘earn and learn’, kickstart your career, and build a repertoire of skills for life


A quote from Ben: "Being able to develop a well-rounded skillset during my apprenticeship has been invaluable experience."

Apprentice Surveyor Ben Palmer has recently completed the first year of his apprenticeship at LocatED. “Being able to develop a well-rounded skillset during my apprenticeship has been invaluable experience,” Ben says.  

“Working closely with colleagues in a collaborative manner has bought a higher degree of structure and discipline to how I approach my work responsibilities, while simultaneously allowing me to gain a more in-depth understanding of both surveying and other relevant practices within the sphere of the built environment.” 

Our Apprentice Surveyors follow a defined learning plan. This includes rotations in our acquisitions, disposals, technical & planning, development, and asset management functions. This exposure across the property lifecycle enables our apprentices to pick up knowledge about the wider commercial real estate sector and build a toolkit of important skills, including: 

  • a knack for numbers; 
  • thinking analytically; 
  • finding creative solutions to challenges; 
  • meticulous attention to detail; 
  • understanding the nuances of negotiation; and 
  • gaining commercial insight. 

Spending four days a week working with experienced and supportive colleagues also helps apprentices build those crucial general workplace skills, such as:  

  • collaborative working; 
  • communicating effectively, with people of all levels of seniority;  
  • managing workloads to hit those all-important deadlines; 
  • giving and receiving feedback; 
  • learning behaviours, processes, and procedures typical to the professional workplace; and 
  • getting to grips with commonly used software.  

More about apprenticeships at LocatED  

We have partnered with the University College of Estates Management (UCEM) to develop an Apprenticeship Surveyor Programme. This combines hands-on experience, structured learning, and development opportunities to support apprentices in completing the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) through the Commercial Real Estate pathway.   

Apprentices that pass the APC will gain membership to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and become Chartered Surveyors. We also facilitate external apprenticeships across IT, finance, and HR.