LocatED is launching a new partnership with JustPark, the parking app that matches drivers with over 20,000 parking spaces across the UK. App users will be able to park on several LocatED sites, whilst they await development.

The partnership will cover the period after purchase when LocatED’s sites typically await planning permission to be granted and development to begin. LocatED will now be able to generate extra revenue during this time, by using some of the government-owned sites as car parking.

With JustPark’s plug-and-play parking technology, the first of LocatED’s sites are now open to JustPark drivers – helping people find a convenient place to park and ensuring the vacant land is utilised efficiently. The arrangement works flexibly allowing sites to be easily released when it is time for development of the schools to continue.

With an initial launch portfolio of six sites around London, JustPark and LocatED will be looking to expand this across its national portfolio throughout 2018.

The JustPark partnership is one of several new revenue-generating initiatives LocatED will be implementing in 2018, to enhance the value of its land portfolio, and ultimately reduce the holding costs of managing properties and in turn save taxpayers money.

For further information about JustPark, visit the website.