Net Zero Accelerator

Net Zero Accelerator

Leading the rapid rollout of decarbonisation initiatives across the education estate

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LocatED is looking for partners to deliver a ‘proof of concept’ that will demonstrate the commercial viability of a range of decarbonisation interventions, including condition and fabric improvements, adaptation measures, energy efficiency and energy generation.

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  • To further understand the extent of the opportunity to deliver decarbonisation efficiencies across the education estate
  • Starting with a proof of concept/feasibility to determine the potential and appropriate technology for the decarbonisation of a selected batch of existing school sites
  • This study will articulate a model for the private sector to work in partnership with the DfE/LocatED to deliver Net Zero at selected group of schools which is commercially viable
  • The aim is that this feasibility study will inform the development of a significant ‘Net Zero Accelerator’ programme to decarbonise the wider school estate and achieve the Government’s 2050 net zero target
  • We intend to launch an ITT to carry out this ‘Proof of concept’ feasibility study for the ‘Net Zero Accelerator’ programme in Autumn 2023.

The programme

  • Provide responsible bodies with a low burden service to address condition and energy efficiency to help improve their estate including delivery of decarbonisation interventions
  • Reduce risk to responsible bodies by requiring no upfront payment and through sharing the risk of delivery with external market partners
  • Demonstrate that measurable energy savings can be achieved to support the roll out of a commercially viable programme of work
  • Develop a service which does not require the education setting to input significant time and resource. The intervention and funding should be arranged for them