Since LocatED launched, it has built a culture that not only results in a positive working environment, but also drives success. To maintain this we ensure that we:

  • Set out clear aims and articulate LocatED’s remit so everyone knows how they fit in and what they need to deliver.
  • Encourage and facilitate a team-oriented environment where each person is motivated by the company’s goals.
  • Promote entrepreneurialism within robust and clear financial controls.
  • Support open, honest and regular quality communications and employee engagement; providing trust and support to enable the team to meet challenging targets whilst enjoying and valuing the work they do.
  • Lead by example to encourage all employees to maintain a positive balance between work and family life.
  • Proactively support and facilitate valuable social interaction between individuals, teams and as a whole company.
  • Recognise the benefit of the natural osmosis that occurs when people are together at work but not necessarily working together.
  • Reward and recognise achievement – seeking to coach, train, develop and promote based on merit and ability.


Our values are central to everything we do. They guide the way we work with our customers, partners, within communities and with each other. Our values are:

  • Accountability – we are responsible individuals, that make ideas happen

  • Collaboration – we combine our expertise for the best results

  • Self-improvement – we prioritise personal growth and development